Hello, I'm little bit confused with two different ways of using Vue.js

Hello, I’m still a beginner and a bit confused with two different ways of making apps with Vue.js.
One way to build an app is that you just include tag directly and use it.
and The other way is to build apps using Vue-cli.
But what is the main difference between the two different options?
Is it only about a developer’s preference or is it more about the performance of the app?

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So there is Single File Components, that’s the Vue-cli version. You can create .vue component files with it and you have to build it when you’re ready.
The other option is to use Vue without cli with a CDN script, this way, you’ll loose npm install (hoverver you can use cdns for that)

I’d suggest you the command line tool, since you can create a better project structure with it and you have npm install, webpack, and hot reload

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when you start learning things you can start with CDN and build small prototypes, but you will be missing lot’s of good feature what Vue offers like HMR, SFC, Router and bundling this all items are important when you start working for production ready application.