Handle data value and property value both with same name

I have a form as Vue-component. This form has an email input. If user is authorized, I pass email as property to my Vue-component and set it as input value.

So in my component:

<input v-model="email" :value="this.email">

and in <script>:

data() {
    return {
        email: '',
props: ['email'],
axios.post('/url', {
                    email: this.email,

Obviously, I get compilation error

:value=“this.email” conflicts with v-model on the same element because the latter already expands to a value binding internally

How can I either set input value empty if email property is null or set input value as email property value if email from property is not null?

What I exactly want:
if email as Vue property isn’t null - set that value as input value
else set empty input value.

As I submit a form, grabbind data from inputs, I anyway need email inside data().

I guess this answers my question. Just set different names.