Good afternoon I have a little problem with the vue

Currently I am doing a project where I have to consume API with vue, the problem I have is that I have an input with a data and I want to pull it to an api put

modificarGlover: function () {
var url = “https://localhost:44321/api/Personas/Actualizar?id=” +;
this.$http.put(url, this.Glovers).then(function (response) {

Since the api call is an async function, best practices normally need you to create a seperate function as an async function that calls the data, and as soon as u get the data, u r good to go. Something like this
data () {
return {
id: ‘’
methods: {
async getGlovers () {
const url = “https://localhost:44321/api/Personas/Actualizar?id=”
await this.$http.put(url, this.Glovers).then(response => { }).catch(error => { // error })
fetchGlovers () {
// do something


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