Gitter rooms

With rising popularity of Vue we can see forum getting more and more active, at the same time Gitter is getting crammed. I think it was suggested on the previous forum, maybe the need wasn’t there at that time, but Gitter could use a few extra rooms.

Weird forum-like sub-channels (labeled “topics”) showed up recently, but it’s not a form used in a chat. Main room can only process so much; when someone new to Vue shows up, plus someone with vuex or router problem, then a person with migration or webpack config issue, code/screens/error messages start to flow and it gets chaotic.

It would be great if Gitter could get rooms for vuex, vue-router and 3rd party tools (webpack, browserify, editors, unofficial plugins, templates). Not too many, because that can lead to ghost rooms, but these seem to be the most active topics which get buried in each other.

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Ping @evan.

Good suggestion and thanks for bringing this up - I’ll look into this :slight_smile: