Github Pages Not Working


Could someone take a peek at my vuepress deployment to github pages and tell me what I’m missing?

  • Github repo
  • Github pages site
    I’ve got the base key set according to the VuePress deploy docs. This is really driving me nuts.
    Thank you!


Where is your gh-pages branch?

master branch also only seems to have a docs dir


Hi @geongeorge, thanks for the fast reply.

RE: gh-pages branch
As far as I know, a gh-pages branch is optional to run Github Pages.
From your experience, is it a best practice to create one? Here is what my settings looks like

RE: master branch /docs
What should I have here? I’ve added node_modules to .gitignore. Otherwise, the repo matches my local build. When I run yarn docs:dev, the site builds at localhost:8080/vuepress_static.


So… thought I’d try Netlify out just to get things running… I’m seeing this when I visit the site inFirefox using either standard or private browsing:

Whats going on here!! I’m super frustrated!!

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The other options expect the servable content to be either in the root of the master branch, or in a folder called /docs in the master branch.

None of that is the case for vuepress - the servable content is in /.vuepress/dist

So none of that would work.

Have you read the documentation for deploying to github pages?

Avout netlify: well i have no idea how you have set it up, and if you have adjusted the base url again, so no specific advice here…