GitHub log in glitch

Recently when trying to log in with GitHub, from different environment, forum always returns an error when authenticating.

Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Perhaps you did not approve authorization?

I do have the forum authorized, after all I’m writing this post. URL may be a bit more helpful:


I stumbled upon this error in the past, but somehow got around it. Maybe other people run into it, but since they can’t log in, there is no feedback.

It has been reported on Discourse forums and resurfaces in different topics related to Discourse. From what I checked, it’s usually related to miss-configuration.

For anyone who may ever stumble upon this topic.
If for some reason you can’t access Discourse account after logging in via 3rd party provider, you can reset a password to your account (the same email used for 3rd party login) and then log in manually to your forum account.
It’s definitely possible on old sessions and should work without being logged in too.

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+1. I have the same problem. I had to create new login.

Yes, either new account with email or Twitter (seems to work), a bit annoying.

There was similar problem on Rust forum, they had wrong redirects, so for 99% it’s a problem with configuration.

This is crazy that regulars like can’t login to the site.