Getting Started Framework, guidelines for image archives

To the wisdom of the crowd…

I am going to build a new web site to manage all of my photographs. I built it once before using .NET/aspx pages. It has worked great but it’s over 15 years old and I’m phasing out my windows server. This time I would like to build with a Vuejs front end and an Express back end.

My repository of images are stored in directories - NOT in a database. The goal is to archive my current 150+ GB of photos in simple directories so that in 20 years, there won’t be some kind of dead database from which I might have to extract the images.

The front end would display directories of images as “albums” and albums can contain other albums and images. I assume there are some cool libraries to render lightbox types of pages.

The backend, I think, would collect directories of images and deliver the files to the front end using a combination of json and actual image files; REST APIs that can be consumed by the front end. The reason for a web service approach is so I can build a mobile app in the future that pulls from the same api.

Meta data about the images (file info, description, tags) would be stored in text files as xml/json/yaml for each image. The filename would match the image name but with a different extension.

I am looking for a simple outline of components that might be used in a project like this. Any references to tutorials and/or some getting started pages would be appreciated.

This is how I figure the directory structure might look:
/client (all the vue code to display images, drill up and down in the albums)
/public (all the image directories - could be on a separate dedicated host)
/server (all the express code to traverse and render the directories, read/write meta data, resize/thumbnail/rotate images, etc.)

Maybe I’m overthinking this and perhaps there’s already something like this out there. I’ve looked around but haven’t found one does not use a database.

Thanks in advance,