Get updated datas from form in v-loop


I’m struggling with a script, and I’d really appreciate some help. I’m creating a Component whose purpose is to check for errors in a set of data : an array of objects containing datetime values, like {day: “2021-02-18”, openingTime: “2021-02-18 10:33:12”, closingTime: “2021-02-18 18:30:00”}, sorted by openingTime ASC.
My script compares two objects, and if it concerns the same day, checks if the openingTimes and closingTimes don’t mess with each other. If it does, both objects are pushed in a this.problems array : this.problems.push({prevItem, item}).

So, next, a Human must use his brain and eyes and correct openingTime and closingTime for one or both objects. I’ve written what’s next, but when I click on “update day”, it returns the original values, not the updated ones. Which is useless, obviously :slight_smile:

So, what have I done wrong this time ? Every time I’m starting to think that I’m beginning to be slightly better, I encounter a new problem. Mffff.

    <v-col cols="12" sm="3" class="d-flex justify-center align-center">
        {{ day(problem.prevItem.openingTime) }}
    <v-col cols="12" sm="3">
        <v-text-field type="time" :value="hour(problem.prevItem.openingTime)" label="Ouverture" dense />
    <v-col cols="12" sm="3">
         <v-text-field type="time" :value="hour(problem.prevItem.closingTime)" label="Fermeture" dense />
    <v-col cols="12" sm="3" class="d-flex justify-center">
         <v-btn small fab color="success" class="mr-4" type="submit" :loading="loading" @click.prevent="updateDay(problem.prevItem)">
         <v-btn small fab dark color="red" type="submit" :loading="loading" @click.prevent="deleteDay(problem.prevItem['@id'])">

And a method reading the form datas:

updateDay(event) {
  console.log(event); return;

I can copy more methods if it helps :slight_smile:
NB: the hour() and day() methods are used to print readable datas for humans