Full featured Twitter clone made with Vue


Good morning people;
Sout new to the forum and would like to show my recent work.
I have committed myself enough to be able to clone the functionality of complex sites by using the tools available with Vue.

After 2 months of work 20 hours a day. I finished Twitter with all features. In the next week I Narrows adding full Moments page.
The system has dynamico of piece of content should recycling system and garbage collector, dynamic CSS and compiled version (I did not use any convecional loader, I created my own loader css and used the SystemJS based) only 2.5MB.
Tested with 350,000 simultaneous connections using socket.io (google cloud 1 vCPU, 3.75 GB RAM);
Unfortunately when I started to develop I was in version 1,0,26, but I will migrate to 2.0 soon.
Application Page:
CodeCanyon page: https: //codecanyon.net/item/rethink-js-social-network-based-on-twitter-with-js-server/18126339


Is there an option to remove your account? (I played around a little, but I don’t like having my personal data in the wild; no offense).

Also, it’d be a violation of European laws etc not to offer the option :slight_smile:

EDIT: found the option, it was kind of tucked away though :slight_smile: looks great! keep it up



Thank you very much.
Unfortunately I can not provide free, but left available for a very low 12-16 dollars unlike the other $ 40.
I will also disponiblizar some tools created on github soon.
It is a form of contrubuir with the community, since the Vue helped me a lot in getting materialize my way of thinking.


What’s the stack that this is built with? What backend etc?
Really cool!


All logic behind the operation of the program was made in MySQL 5.6 (support json)
1200 lines of triggers / procedures;
To perform searches on server use KNEX, expressjs, socket.io;
But the pilot version and I use and Postgres. I translated for mysql because it is better accepted in the community codecanyon
I particularly prefer to use postgresql with plv8 (server-side javascript v8) that allows the use of VueJS within the procedures and implementation with sql. The pilot version made using postgresql 9.5 running server-side Vue 1,026;
The average time for this query in 15 milliseconds



finishing new update


CodeCanyon page not working … like to donate few $$ for your contribution.