Frontend Developer VueJS - VIGO (ES) or VIENNA (AT) (optional: remotely)

Hi to all!
We are a searching for an experienced FRONTEND developer to help us rebuild/refine our current web application. It’s a course/event management dashboard with basic LMS functionality (currently build on AngularJS) which we want to radically innovate in terms of UX/UI.

We would love to work together as a team based in VIGO/SPAIN (or VIENNA/AUSTRIA), however managing the project remotely would also be fine for us. If you have already gained experience with Learning & Development, LMS or Event Management Tools we would totally appreciate your ideas or “best-practice” input. Experience with is also welcome!

Start: ASAP :grinning: You are a pro in UX/UI? You are agile/flexible with VUE/vuetify components? You want to work within a young/highly motivated team (at least for the next 3-5 months)?

Feel free to write us, if you are interested: or

I will be happy work for you as remote VUE programmer. Extensive experience developing applications on VUE and PHP. Serge Mikhailov from Russia 1300EUR

Hi Alex & Adrian,
I would like to assist you with above, have strong Frontend experience.
Please get in touch so we can discuss further:

Best regards,

hi! your cv link seems to be wrong - could you provide your email to exchange more details?
thanks, alex


PM sent

please check
Charles Leo

It will be right

hi, I haven’t receive any message - plz provide your email to exchange more details!
best, alex


I would be glad to help you with this project as we have really good experience in creating educational solutions with different type of technologies.

I have sent you an email (my id: with further details to discuss this project.

Looking forward to work together.