Frontend Developer, Vue.js (Stockholm, Sweden)


We are looking for a full-time Frontend Developer to join our team at Daniel Wellington’s HQ in Stockholm, Sweden. Come and help us build the next generation of Social Commerce and Marketing tools:


Feel free to message me for any question, if interested!


Hi @maffeis,

Hope you are doing well!

I am interested to work for you, If you there is any possibilities to work on remote basis then Please contact me on $kype at cis.am4.

Look forward to hear from you soon.



Hi @HaydenJ, no, unfortunately we are looking for someone to add to our team based in Stockholm, for this position.


We are some coders from Elsinore (Denmark) who have started with VueJS, cool to see VueJS jobs in our neighbour country :slight_smile: I will share your post ASAP


Is this remote work?


cv has been sent


Great, much appreciated! :slight_smile:


No remote for this role, I’m sorry. :frowning: