Forum performance seems sluggish?

I’m new to the forum and trying to be a better vue community participant :slight_smile:

I already use a few other discourse forums and notice that this one seems really sluggish, and I get various “520” HTTP errors (just now when clicking on the “more” button at the button of the main page to see more posts). Trying to upload a profile photo totally failed too, it would show up to 100% uploaded, but then just nothing happen for a while, then some kind of timeout. I switched to a gravatar one instead, but would have preferred not to.

I could provide more specific information on these things if it’s useful, but my guess is it’s just under provisioned for the amount of users that are now here?


I see 520 errors and similar all the time. I also frequently see messages claiming that the server is under heavy load.

Perhaps the server is under attack from bots, I don’t know, but just based on the few statistics that are publicly available it doesn’t seem like it’s under heavy load.

Ah, thanks for confirming @skirtle.

I can tell it’s really going to affect my ability to participate, even clicking my avatar icon in the top right to see the notifications seemed to fail a few times before it loaded.

Any idea how to get in touch with whoever is managing the discourse installation to take a look?

Answering my own question by looking at, I see @LinusBorg is listed as the only admin here, so presumably knows something!