Force re-render of vuejs component that is mounted programaticaly (can't use :key ?)


I an app that has both old school javascript and vue.js components, I am mounting my vue.js components in the dom using new Vue([...]).$mount(elementName).

But sometime, I would like to completly reset the components (clean local state, and go through the lifecycle hooks again). The problem is that my elementName does not exist anymore, it has been transformed to the vue.js component.

If my component was inserted into the dom using vue.js template itself (<my-component [...] />), I would simply use a :key to force vue to re-render the component. But because of the aproach defined above, I am confused on how to do that the best way possible.

I could always watch for a value inside my component, and have some kind of resetState method, but this is realy something I am trying to avoid, for obvious reasons.