Find a job with web development

Hello everyone.

If you need a full-stack developer, let me know.
I’m an experienced full-stack developer and I have 7+ years experiences on web development.
My skills are Vue, React, Python/Django, PHP/Laravel and etc.
I also have experience in game development with Phaser, etc.
You can contact me with

  • 40+ hours/week
  • 50~70$/h

Best regards.

Hello diana.
What do you want? Do have any job for me?
Hope to see you.

Yeah, I’m curious about that, too.

Good skills, I would also work in the gaming industry

  • 40+ hours/week
  • 50~70$/h

Available for 20hrs a week have 10+ years of experience

Web Development basically is a vast field because new technologies are updated websites are developed like many jobs Front-End developers you should these languages for web development like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. Back-End Developers you should these languages or databases like PHP, MySQL, NodeJS, MongoDB, Oracle and etc.