Extend vee-validate rules dynamically


I am using vee-validate to validate input fields.

As I need to validate IBAN inputs, I installed ibankit as a dependency and added this to my app.js

import {IBAN} from "ibankit";
import {extend, ValidationProvider} from 'vee-validate';
import Vue from 'vue';

Vue.component ('ValidationProvider', ValidationProvider);

extend ('required', {
    message: 'This field is required'

extend ('email', {
    message: 'This field needs to be a valid e-mail adress'

extend ('integer', {
    message: 'This field needs to be an integer'

extend ('iban', {
    validate: (str) => {
        return IBAN.isValid (str);
    message: 'This is not a valid IBAN'

const main = new Vue ({
    el: '#app',
    store: store,
    render: h => h (App)

export default main;

Unfortunately the ibankit-rules are very heavyweight and unused most of the time.

My idea was to include it to a component called IbanInput.vue and extend the rule there:

    <ValidationProvider :rules="{ iban: true }" :vid="name" v-bind="$attrs" v-slot="{ errors }" tag="div" class="w-full">
export default {
    name: 'IbanField',

Now I am wondering, how I can import ibankit and extend vee-validate-rules here. Maybe it’s even possible to prevent the rule to be added twice, if the iban-field is included twice…?