Export Function From Js File + Using in Mounted

Hi there, I am trying to create a central functions file rather than repeat functions in each component they are used in. Have been trying the following but this doesn’t seem to work. How would I achieve it?

//functions js
let functions = {

  functionOne() {}
  functionTwo() {}
export default functions

//vue component
import functions from '.path/to/'

mounted() {

Do you get any error messages? Now you for example have a syntax error in functions.js, and your import path is wrong, but without the error message it’s hard to say what it complains at.

Hi @Ben03
You might not be giving proper path of file while importing, Because it is running well when I create replica of this project.
Check this link for reference:
pensive-kalam-oib9g2 - CodeSandbox
I hope this helps.