Examples of extensible Vue applications

Hi everyone,

Been struggling recently trying to make a Vue app that can be extended via custom made plugins (something similar to VSCode extensions).

Are there any examples of Vue applications online that can be extended with plugins and expose some sort of Extension/Plugin API for developers?

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well, l’m searching for this same question but nothing.
It’ll wonderful to understand how to.

Seems that it’s pretty difficult to find any examples. Does this have something to do with Vue in particular, i.e. is Vue’s architecture difficult to extend with plugins?

Did you find anything, im having the same issue.

nothing. I’m in troble

so i kinda came up with a solution :slight_smile:

  1. You need a Backend, that is running on the same machine, does not need to be the same project and then optional you need a small backend, that handles the file insertion on your machine which would have to be part of the vue project.
  2. You upload the “plugin” as a .zip file and send it to your (not included) backend. The Backend unzips the file and either safes them first in its own storage and then moves them to the wanted folders in your vue priojekt or sends the unpacked files with fitting information back to the smaller (optional) backend.
  3. you need to rebuild the project (npm run build) and then either move the dist directory to your wanted destination or you have a linked directory, which will recognize changes in your dist directory.

The routing can be handled via multiple routing files which can be loaded recusevliy into the main router.js file. Which means every “plugin” can bring its own router file.
This will limit your “plugins” to only consist of .vue files, assets, that will be moved to the fitting asset folder by your backend and your plugin-router.js

I hope it is understandable what i tried to explain to you.