Examples of architectures built with Vue Composition API, without using VueX

Hey can anyone point to examples, or give advice on architecting an app with the reactive observable object in the composition API, without using VueX as a store?

My understanding is the reactive observable can be used to simplify development by getting away from the tedious approach of a finite state machine architecture. Meaning, no need to code both actions and mutations.

For a simple reactive app like a data visualization or a 2d game, I think the closest example might be the reactive binding front-end framework Aurelia.js’s Events Aggregator, that’s imported into components with shared values.

For a more advanced reactive streaming app, like a 3d game, it would be great to get guidance on using the reactive observable like RXjs’s observable object. This later approach would be for an event-based app, meaning a timestamped observable, managed by a queue or scheduler that processes streams immediately or deferred. So maybe something like a library that’s been used in the JS world. This approach is what’s used in what can loosely be called event-based, or data flow programming, and being adopted in things like Unity’s revamped streaming architecture, in their jobs scheduler system.