Events overlap Calendar

Hello everyone,

Today I have a problem with the calendar component.

I understand the principle, I can realize the examples of vuetify, however I block on a point.

When 2 events overlap in time, the one with the highest date overlaps the other and hides it.

I saw that there were modes with to the option event-overlap-mode=“stack/column” but it doesn’t work.

Here is my code:


public today = "2020-09-04"

getEvents() {

    const events: any = [];
        name: "coll1",
        start: "2020-09-04 03:10:44",
        end: "2020-09-04 03:11:44",
        name: "coll2",
        start: "2020-09-04 03:07:15",
        end: "2020-09-04 03:08:15",
    ); = events;

Here is the result.

You can see that the 2 events are superimposed, and we can finally see only one.

Would you have a solution ?

Thanks !

You can see that they do not overlap, only when they start at the same time :

The objective would be to achieve this result :