Error message doing TDD using Cypress and meteor

Background: I’m using Meteor with VueJS as the frontend.
I’m doing the tutorial found at: with some modifications and I’m getting an error message (when doing the “inside”/unit test)

    ParseError: Unexpected token

Here is my test code.

    import { expect } from "chai";
    import { mount } from "@vue/test-utils";
    import List from "../../../../../imports/ui/ListTitle.vue";

    describe("List Title", () => {
      let wrapper;

      beforeEach(() => {
        wrapper = mount(List);

If I leave out the “.vue” from my import, I get

“Error: Cannot find module ‘…/…/…/…/…/imports/ui/ListTitle’ from ‘C:\Users\Kamal\Meteor\TestApp\tests\cypress\integration\imports\ui’”

The first part of the e2e test runs just fine.

Any help is much appreciated. Please let me know if I missed some relevant bit of information.

I was able to eventually resolve the issue and I posted a tutorial/how-to for testing Meteor apps with Cypress here: