Error in render: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'components' of undefined"

Error in render: “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘components’ of undefined”
I am getting a strange Error.

So i in App.vue i import a component named Profile.vue.In Profile component i also import another component named ChangePassword.vue.Everything worked fine.

But now i want to remove the ChangePassword component from Profile.vue.I remove the registration in components: {} section,also i remove the import and finally the html tag related to ChangePassword Component.But i am getting the below error that it is not related with nothing.

Hey i named all child components and as it seems worked fine!!!So if you get any error like this unexpectedly even if your code is right,Make sure to name your components.

Another possible cause, your component depends on an non-existent mixin.


It worked for me!

thank you very much.

Thank you very much, your suggestion solved my problem