Enable Javascript

I have deployed my website and when i search it it give something like that Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 11.51.26 AM|690x319
any one tell me what happening here!

What you are seeing there is the alternative text that is displayed when Javascript is not enabled in the Browsert, or if (in this case) the search engine displays the preview without Javascript. What you can do is try to locate where the text “We’re sorry, but…” appears in your project. This could be in the index.html file in your project’s /public folder.

Replace that text with a text that looks better in a search engine result (and is more search engine friendly in general), maybe a description of your app followed by the message that Javascript must be enabled, which will not be visible in the search result, because it is cut off if the description of the app is long enough.

in my case it’s second case search engine displays the preview without javascript

Did you find the index.html in your public folder? Replace the part in the noscript tags with whatever you want to appear in the search result:

  <strong>We're sorry but <%= htmlWebpackPlugin.options.title %> doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue.</strong>

Yeah i have tried to change it but it not works

If you build the app you should have another index.html in your /dist directory. This should have the new text between the noscript tags. Does it still include the old text? If so you either did not rebuild or the build proecess is taking the text from somewhere else.

let me check

i have report.html and index.html in my dist folder

I am deploying it again wait and i shall inform you