Editable websites/blogs with Vue and Firebase - do od don't?

During my journey with Vue, I went through two courses on Udemy - one for Vue itself and one for Nuxt. The course projects were using Firebase as a backend and axios to fetch data from Firebase storage. One of them was a blog where the admin could add new entries or edit the old ones (obviously upon authorization).

Using the same tools (axios and Firebase), I’ve updated and old static website I’had built more than a year ago. I made its content almost fully editable. Admins can add/remove cards to sliders, upload images and so on. All very simple and super intuitive.

You can check it out live at https://lsliwaradioluz.github.io/hes/.
The code can be found here: https://github.com/lsliwaradioluz/hes

If you want to see how editing works:

  • press ctrl + z
  • type ‘haslo’ in the prompt

The owners of this website are very pleased with how they can edit it right now.

However, if one wants to build websites in a professional way, is creating such a poor cms-like service acceptable? I haven’t seen many people doing it so I guess it is not, but why?

Let me know what are your thoughts.

I was also about to use axios for my firebase project when I discovered callable functions.

Of course having an API has its own advantages, but callable functions also help you to develop faster especially if you aren’t looking to open your system to a third party. I kinda had this discussion on a Django forum too.

I’m curious why the course you took showed the axios route vs callable functions. :slightly_smiling_face: Always looking to expand my mental model.