Dynamic field value

Let’s say i have a component checkbox input in a loop

<div v-for="(item, index) in myArray" :key="index">
    <input type="checkbox" :value="{fieldA:a, fieldB:b}" v-model="outputArray">

Is there a way to add extra field dynamically by passing in props? something like

:dynamicValue = {fieldA:a, fieldB:b, fieldC:c} //Bind from outside
<div v-for="(item, index) in myArray" :key="index">
    <input type="checkbox" :value="dynamicValue" v-model="outputArray">

It isn’t clear what you’re asking.

The initial code isn’t using item inside the loop and there’s no hint about where a and b are coming from.

As for dynamicValue, in what sense is it dynamic? What do you mean by ‘add extra field’? Binding the same value for every checkbox wouldn’t make sense, so could you clarify how the checkboxes are supposed to differ?

The field value is property of item. It doesn’t matter where does a and b come from and what field it has. The question is indeed '‘add extra field’ dynamically depends on props. If the props has 3 field, then bind value with that field. If the props has 6 field, then bind 6 field .Binding same value for every checkbox if the initial v-model value is array are different. They will be pushed into the v-model array instead.