Do I only need vue.js to build this game?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the community and I wanted to get your opinion on the following project.

I need to build a lookalike website for one of my client and I’ve seen that they have been using vue.js to build it ->!/en

I would like to use HTML, CSS and vue.js + dynamics.js for animation to build a similar web-app. Is there any other framework I should use to do so? And also how long would it takes to build an app like this? (I would say I have an intermediate level with HTML, CSS and JS but I’ve never used vue.js framework before).

Keen to have your opinion on that!



Having estimating for countless big and small projects, in my opinion, you’re asking questions that are impossible to answer. Reasons:

  • You should know best what the gameplay is, what extra features your client requires, what other animation/eye candy to put into the clone (especially when it’s not simply an exact clone but a “similar web-app” in your words). Only from these can one draw conclusions regarding frameworks/libraries/timeline.
  • “Intermediate” is a very vague and subjective term. You being intermediate can be much faster than another, and vice-versa.