Do i need a Node.js server to deploy a ssr website made with Nuxt.js?

Hi! this is my first post around here. This far i’ve been developing some SPAs with Vue.js and i want to dive in to what i think it’s the next step (SSR webites made with Nuxt.js) but i don’t know too much yet about that feature, so i’m wondering if it’s necesary to have a runtime of Js on the server (Node.js exactly) to deploy an app made with Nuxt or not.

Yes you will need nodejs in your server. Although you still can use Nuxt in spa mode and generate the static content using Nuxt generate command

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Thanks for the answer eperedo!, Will i need some extra config or just installing it on the server will do the trick? If i need extra config, is there any documentation or guide i can read?

Remember, too, you can use Nuxt to generate a static version of the site.

This static version can be deployed anywhere – Netlify, Now, Surge, etc.

I’ve been working on a Nuxt front-end to a back-end Wordpress REST API – and then using ‘npm run generate’ – to generate the Nuxt static site. All fully rendered pages for SEO, including dynamic pages that I pass as part of the generate command in nuxt.config.js.

The WP REST API is on a Digital Ocean droplet – and the Nuxt front is on Netlify.

Source is here:

Site (while in development) is here:

(This is a first draft – so I haven’t had time to refactor much – but it’s all working nicely so far. I’m sure there’s a lot I can optimize here.)

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So, if i make a static site with Nuxt.js and deploy it on an FTP server it wil prerender the pages? i’m interested in making sites that can prerender the OpenGraph tags so i can post articles on facebook, for example, and get the title, description and image from those articles. Actually i’m using vue-meta to set those tags, but they’re not prerendered. The first thing i thought about wast installing NodeJs on the server i have and make server side rendered websites.

Yes. Nuxt will prerender when you generate a static site.

Plus, vue-meta is part of nuxt, so that’s something you can do directly from the template. It’s already built in to Nuxt.

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