Display array error

Hi everyone!
I’m facing a problem with displaying array error
for example i’m sending an array to the server that contains price. in the backend i’m validating if the array has the price key, if not it returns departementals.0.price: ["validation.required"]
in my template a have this html tag
<div class="layout-item" v-for="(departement, index) in departemental" :key="departement.id" > <field> <label for>{{departement.name}}</label> <input v-model="departement.prix" required></md-input> <button class="danger" @click="removeChosenDepartement(index)">remove</button> </field> </div>

the thing is i wanna append index of the v-for to the error. something like this
<div v-if="error.departementals.index.price">price is requied</div>