Discarded invalid param(s) warning, yet params are defined in path

Having recently updated vue-router, we’re getting warnings in our app:

# [Vue Router warn]: Discarded invalid param(s) "team_slug" when navigating.

with a link to https://github.com/vuejs/router/blob/main/packages/router/CHANGELOG.md#414-2022-08-22 that describes the issue.

That says you will get this error if you try passing something under params that is not defined on the path of the route.

In our case, we do have the team_slug defined on the path of the route: (edited for brevity, but have left in the fact this route does have child routes in case it is relevant)

        path: '/team/:team_slug',
        redirect: to => {
            return `/team/${to.params.team_slug}/overview`
        name: 'Team',
        children: [

Here is the typical code we have for navigating to that route.

    name: 'Team',
    params: {
       team_slug: this.team.slug

I cannot see what we’re doing wrong here - as it appears to conform to what the docs say we should be doing.

Have I missed something obvious here? Or should I be looking for some other pattern of code that could cause this warning?

I finally tracked this down to a <router-link> with an invalid to property that included the team_slug param on a completely unrelated route.

The only way I was able to track this down was by adding some additional debug to vue-router so the error message included information about the location is was testing against.