Disable submit form on enter

How can I disable the enter button when submitting the form?

Toggle a disabled attribute on the button when the form is submitting.

<button :disabled="isSubmitting">

As I’m still diving into the facets of Vue (and loving it), I found this need recently as well. To expand on @JamesThomson’s response, here’s a bit of an expansion. Note, I’m using the Quasar Vue framework here.

    <q-form @submit.prevent="validateSubmit">
        <q-input type="email" v-model="email" label="Email" stack-label />
            <q-btn class="self-stretch" type="submit" label="Verify Account" disable="isSubmitting">

export default {
	data() {
		return {
			email: '',
			isSubmitting: false
	methods: {
		validateSubmit() {
			this.isSubmitting = true
			this.$api.post('users/verify', {
				email: this.email
			}).then((response) => {
			}, (error) => {
                // Do something with when error
                this.isSubmitting = false

Hope that helps.
~ Brad