DevTools not showing in SSR project



I’ve followed the guide on and looked at the hackernews ssr project to build my own SSR project. The project is building, and all is good, except for the Devtools that doesn’t detect my app.

I am using node server to start in development mode, and I have mode: 'development' in my webpack config. I have also tried to add: Vue.config.devtools = true in my app.js right before (and after) mounting my app.

It doesn’t detect my app at all, i.e. it doesn’t tell me that an app is detected but in production mode. I don’t have any issues on other projects created with the CLI.


So silly… I had:

output: {
   libraryTarget: 'commonjs',

in my client webpack config, which was messing up both this, and an issue I had with module.exports not defined in the browser console, obviously, since browsers don’t understand those…