Declarative Rendering


Hi guys, i have a problem related declarative rendering.

I am adding value (numbers) to tags . tags are editable.

and then i send to database. When it saves, i change the date at datepicker.

After date changed, Planned data is come on the page with AJAX request. This data is show with {{ … }}
But data that i add on the page, some td tags can’t change with data that come.

My code is below. I’m waiting your answers.



When sharing code, please don’t use screenshots to do so.

The people wanting to help you can’t copy that code from the screenshot when they want to edit it for you.

So you make their work unnecessarily hard.

Instead, share the code as text and make sure to use proper Syntax Highlighting


Looks like you are using contenteditable to enter values.

Have you considered using inputs and Vue’s v-model directive?

This is the standard way in Vue to model and interact with values.


I get started yet. Therefore can you explain in detail? Also i have to



The docs already do!

Basically, using inputs and events is the way forward here, if I understand your question correctly.