CSS styling node module not included in build

Hey all, I have a node module installed that provides mostly css (and some js to go with it). It’s a company proprietary thing so I can’t give much info there but it’s essentially a vuetify or bootstrap kinda thing. It’s in my package.json, and works great when running the dev server via npm run vue. But when I build it and serve it (in either a small go server I made, or using the serve node module), the styling from this module is completely gone and it looks terrible. I’m hoping I’m just missing something here. Not sure what kind of info you need from me but I’ll provide what I can on request.

Edit: Huh. Well that’s interesting, if I add --mode development to the build command, it works great. What is the difference? So I can make whatever change and not keep it on development mode.

Might need to import it in the main.js and tell it to use. Like this