Creating and switching templates for ecommerce stores

Hello. I am working on a custom e-commerce store but i am kind of at a dead end right now. I want the admin of a store to be able to change the templates of his/her storefront from a list of template options we have but i don’t know how to go about this . I need help. please.

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Hello Joshua!
It depends on the platform you use to create a store.
It is possible but in order to help you, I need to know more)

i’ve settled this by using shopify… What i am trying to achieve right now is how payment is been sent. the store has 4 physical location . on checkout users should be able to select a particular store fto pick up from using a drop down. After the user selects a pickup location the payment should be sent to that exact store the user selected. For example if the user selects store A as pick up location the payment should go to store A and not store B .vice versa. I already have 4 different interswitch account set up for the 4 pickup location… But i cant find out how to achieve this on shopify…

It means that there should be 4 different account numbers, and you need to connect these numbers to the store locations respectively. You can do it in your Shopify admin panel.
Here is an article from Shopify support -
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