Create a « Français » category for french discussions/helps

Hi ! I’m french lover of Vue.js and I participate actively to the translation of vuejs-fr/ github repository. In few days we will have full translated the basis part (and a large part of API page) and we will propose the link to french by pull requests to the main english repository (all page in translation have a mention that explain translation is in progress).

I also participate actively to provide Vue in my country in all forms I can.

In addition of french community Vuejs-FR (that currently translate the guide), we have also create a for question in french and now we will want create a forum part !

From Welcome to the Vue Forum! I have read this :

if you wish to discuss in your native language, there are language-specific sub categories under Hangout. If you don’t see the language you are speaking and you know there are fellow Vue.js users that speak your language, make a request post in Hangout

So my question is simple :

Could you create a French community category and allows some right to me in order to manage that ?

The category should be in the same way of current « 中文 » category for us so (write in french) so this is the exact content :

Pour les discussions de la communauté francophone.

« that means “French, for French Community Discussion” »

If you wan pin a topic post the content should be

À propos de la catégorie française
Cette catégorie de forum est spécialement créée pour échanger en français autour de Vue !

(That means « About French Category, This forum’s category is specially dedicated to share in french about Vue! »)

Thanx a lot for your help!

UPDATE : Like @sylvainpolletvillard sugest it just below, I have change « France » for « Français » (France to French).


I suggest to avoid using “France” in the title and description, and prefer “French” to not exclude all our french-speaking friends from Belgium, Canada, Swiss, Congo and others.


+1 :grinning:

This procedure is not the correct way to open a French forum? Who is the moderator? Maybe should us send a pm message to not be in middle of some « issues » or « bugs » report (for visibility)?

EDIT : UP ! Where is a petition to fullfill to open the FR forum :smiley: !

A « Français » category on the forum will certainly helps french-speaker newcomers and beginners!

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It’s done :slight_smile:


« Champagne !!! »

Thanx a lot Linus Borg ! I will try to set this topic.

Thanks a lot :smiley: