Console.trace problems doesn't let me to print any more console.log()

I’m working on a general project, but since about last month, I see this message in Developer Tools of my browser. I used Vue JS 2 for front-end and I use Microsoft Edge as browser!

I know I should attach my codes to get better answers but in this case I have NO IDEA what caused this problem and there are more than 8 components.

So it is very hard to attach more than 1000 lines of codes!

But I will mention name of plugins I used for this project, it may help you.

All I want is you help me any possible mistakes that can cause this problem anything that can be a reason for this problem.

I also need to mention that I cannot print ANYTHING in Console.log()! Nothing comes as output in Console section of Dev Tool of my browser except these white colored messages:

#%#//scriptlet('set-constant', 'Document.prototype.browsingTopics', 'undefined') trace start
#%#//scriptlet('set-constant', 'Document.prototype.browsingTopics', 'undefined') trace end

These are list of plugins I used for this project. If anyone has any idea why this happens please comments below. Thank you.

AOS - to animate elements
Toast - to display alerts and notifications
PerfectScrollbar - to customize scroll bar
VCalendar - to handle event and calendar features
VueObserveVisibility - to have infinite scroll with heavy data
Vuelidate - to validate inputs
VueCompositionAPI - this is needed to remove any problems with vuelidate
momentjs - to handle things related to date and time such as calculation

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You said you used Microsoft edge. Have you tried updating your browser or Have you tried using other browsers like Google chrome and firefox which are developer-friendly. Microsoft Edge is also chromium-based but it should be updated if you want it to work like the two. The above-mentioned dependencies wouldn’t cause an issue. It would be a lot clearer if it was possible to see your code.