Connect/Integrate with Discord

  1. Add option to allow users to sign up with discord, since Vue.js has it’s main community on discord itself.

  2. Allow users to save their Discord userId in their account settings. Sometimes a conversation can go beyond the scope/topic of the post and that’s why the user can chat with the other person on Discord.

Those are great ideas, actually. A quick google turned up this plugin for signup:

It seems there’s even a plugin to send notifications about forum posts to the chat:

Also interesting:

I think the plugin can only be installed by the admin of the site.

The second link you have share, this is not what I mean by that. Instead of getting notification on discord about new posts. It should allow users to continue the chat on discord once the chat on vue forum seems going off-topic.

I understand that, but haven’t found something like that in my first google attempt.

What I did was add a field to the user profile where people can add their discord username - but it’s not linked or anything.

If you have tipps for better solutions I’m all ears.

There should be option where the user who have created the post or admin or moderator can lock the post and if the user want to continue the conversation they can click on the button.

Yes, we need that input field to store the users discord id, so that once the conversation on the post is lock it should show a button where the user can click and it should re-direct to discord website and open the user DM.