Conditional nuxt-link / router-link based on user permissions with nuxt

I’m creating a frontend ui using nuxt that talks with a Laravel api.

I’m wanting to know what the best approach is to conditionally render nuxt-links depending on the currently authenticated user’s permissions.

Can nuxt do anything behind the scenes based on a pages’ middleware, meta info or something similar, that stops a nuxt-link from displaying? Or should I have some sort of global “hasPermission” function somewhere that checks a user’s permissions based on what’s in the store/state and use v-if on the nuxt-link?

If the latter, where would I put that? Should I use an action on the User state or create and install a plugin on the vue instance?

On the similar note - I’m already protecting page’s based on User’s role by having a middleware that checks against what’s set in the User store/state.

Any help or links to good resources on this sort of thing would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

You can generate the links server side based on the users permissions and return everything using Laravels API Resource