Common use case. Edit/Create popup over a list of items. Best practise?

Hello. Ive been working with vue for a while now.
I think its very easy to understand how it works, but ive doing things as i think it would be better.

For example, a common situation that i encounter a lot of times its a simple view, with a list of items, an edit o create button, and a popup that display the item clicked in the list to edit.

I usually load my list first, display all the items and when the edit button is clicked i make the popup visible and make another api request to get the item data again refreshed from the database.

It works, but i dont know if its the way it should be done, i mean, maybe i should get the item directly from the state without refreshing the info?

But then, what would happen if the data changes while im on the list, then i open one item in the popup and que data in the popup wont be the same same.

What do you think? Is there any way to keep the list or state updated without refreshing the view?