Codeigniter + Vuejs demo. Give me your opinion


I just finished a vuejs based product and codeigniter. It is very basic. You can try and give me your opinion
Thank you
Sorry, bad english


How did you manage to integrate vue in codeigniter ?, I searched for information but I did not find anything


Hello. This is super awesome.

I will love to know how you managed to do this. Do you have a github repo for this or a small tutorial on this. So many of us will love to know how you did this. because there are not enough tutorials on CI and vue.js. Thank you


Great! how you manage it? specially the routes. im stock using routing.


Great! How do you manage the routes , i’m stock in using routing too!


It doesn’t look like vue js


Could you please share with us how you got your project set up? Knowledge becomes interesting when shared.


That’s fantastic, would you share how you manage to do this. Thanks in advance.


I have started fullstack Web based remote host access with node-ssh with following feature:

  • Files and Folder listing
  • Text editor
  • File download and upload
  • virtual terminal Emulator

Please have review on it (any suggestion)


demo link are not working