Click event in b-table

I have a table as

   <BootstrapTable :columns="table.columns" :data="table.dataPlayers" :options="table.options"  v-if="table.ready" > </BootstrapTable>

and I would like to add a button in formatter

      this.table = {
                ready: false,
                columns: [ {
                        field: 'test',
                        title: 'Player',
                        visible: true,

                        formatter: formatterInfo(this)


The formatter:

let formatterInfo = (that) => {
                return (value, row) => {
        '<button @clickHere>click</button>'

something like:

formatter: function (value, row) {
   const ve = "<span @click='setElement("")' class='btn btn-success btn-sm'>Set</span>";
   return ve;

How to render the @click in formatter?