Chunk-vendors.css missing in production build for v5 vue-cli

I build my app in both development and production mode. In v4 when building in either mode produces both chunk-vendors.css and chunk-vendors.js. After updating to v5 they both get created in development mode but in production mode only the javascript file is created leaving out the css file. This is causing an issue and preventing me from updating to v5 in production. Was something changed intentionally or could I have missed something in both vue-cli and webpack docs? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

After updating my vue cli version to 5.0.1 I had tried to build my app using both dev mode and production mode. I use code splitting and have many files dynamically imported to move into their own chunks. Before on the vue-cli V4 on production it would generate both a chunk-vendors.js and chunk-vendors.css with the rest of the files. I also added

css: {
    extract: {
        filename: 'css/[name].css',
        chunkFilename: 'css/[name].[contenthash].css',

to allow for css to be extracted in dev mode. After updating to vue-cli V5 in dev mode everything is still generated correctly. But in production mode chunk-vendors.css doesnt get generated. It still generates chunk-vendors.js for some reason.

I did notice that it instead produces a large number of build/js and build/css files instead with a file name like 1828.ee90da537ad55686.js or 1828.ee90da537ad55686.css. This makes me think its instead making these files instead of chunk-vendors.

I have tried looking all over the docs for Webpack 5 and Vue-Cli 5 for breaking changes and changes involving css or css extraction but no luck on finding a reason.

Any possibilities to look for? Why would the mode change how the js/css files are chunked?

Also noticed this may be due to webpack since no matter what mode I run vue in if I set the configureWebpack: mode: it is the main cause of the changes so may be unrelated to vue.

So I didnt find a fix to this issue but I found a temporary hack around it. I come to think the randomly generated build files are what chunk-vendors would be made of so when I build in development mode I check for the file in the directory then inject it via html. Then in production mode I dont check for the chunk-vendors file and instead the css seems to get injected via js instead. I would rather keep the building process consistent among both build modes so I dont have to create this hacky method but Its all I cant think of for now.

Any ideas or is this a very unique case that hasn’t been seen before which is worth opening an issue on github?

After a month I have yet to find a solution. Its weird how its just me with the issue, makes me wonder if I did something wrong in the first place.