Can we talk about the documentation?

I think Vuetify is pretty great, and as easy as most things are, the documentation feels severely lacking in detail and not a great example of usability either.

A couple examples:

  1. Most components don’t have configurable child components, yet there are dropdowns for every component api. Yes, the DD’s are disabled, but outside the environment of neighboring enabled form fields, the DD is always an attractive click when trying to look for more information.
  2. The DD selection of child components makes their documentation not ctrl+f-able without first selecting a child component.
  3. Several props lack detail. For example, the origin prop in the Alert component reads “Sets the transition origin.” What does that mean? x y? xpx ypx? x% y%?

Are there plans to change the documentation format, or is this how it’s going to be? Most things are straightforward enough, but if I have a team of 10, each having to spend 30 minutes on who knows how many props, all due to poor documentation, it’s just too costly. Some of our devs also tend to be a bit more resistant to adoption, so it’s also important they have tools that help them to adopt as easily as possible.

Regards, 9apps
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Hi. Maybe it would be better if you made this an issue on the GitHub for vuetify? I don’t know if any of the creators of vuetify are reading this forum.

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I tried posting on github, no luck having the same issue

any help would be appreciated

I have found the docs to be great. I typically scroll down past the props and look for an example close to what I want and then see how it is done.

I also use the veujs docs and the material-io guidelines. shareit app