Can 🆅🆄🅴 🧐 deal with screenspace constraints?

hello !
i cannot figure an important usecase with vue :
distributing N variable height items on a paginated system, with as much items as possible per page, according to available space

let me explain,

imagine the following scenario :

  • with a json like
        "news" :
            {"title":"news 1", "longtext":"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"},
            {"title":"news 2", "longtext":"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ...... lqsjd oqidus qisud o"},
            {"title":"news 3", "longtext":"lorem ipsum dolor sit amet .........sudy qusydt qusydt quysdt qsuydt qsd"},
            {"title":"news 4", "longtext":"lorem ipsum ....... sit amet"},
  • each item is displayed with a variable height, due to variable content, and clamped with CSS (minheight, maxheigth)
  • the news need to be populated on a paginated system structured around available spaces :

its a common case solvable with vanilla, but,
CAN VUE.js deal with this situation ?

how do you do ? :slight_smile: