Building multiple "apps"

I’m using Vue in a slightly different environment than usual. I use it with SketchUp (desktop appliation) extensions where UI is created by showing embedded webdialogs. So content is all loaded from local file (not even localhost).

The extensions might have multiple dialogs. So far I’ve use gulp to build the content for the dialogs, but I’m seeing that a lot of the stuff I’m using is getting deprecated. So I’m looking at migrating to using webpack to build this as it appear to be one of the main supported means of building Vue content.

So, I’m loading content from local machine, and I don’t have a Singe Page App. What I did with gulp was to have each dialog (app) all refer to the same vue.js file. Since this is local machine there isn’t much cost in request. Sharing the Vue core was a micro-optimisation for filesize.

When I find myself stuck at is figuring out how to migrate my project and be flowing as much as I can with the grain despite my unusual environment.

Each dialog both share a set of components comprised of .vue single component files as well as Vue components. Resources is also shared across these dialogs (apps).

The documentation drives me towards Vue CLI, but it seems to be aimed at single page apps? And only one app at a time?

What would be a good approach for me to configure my project here? Create a webpack project from scratch? (Haven’t got much experience with webpack so I’m looking for some guidance of what direction to take.)