Browser Remote Control - Nativescript App + Vue-cli 3 Browser Extension - Control your browser with a phone

Hello all,

I’d like to share a project I’ve been working on for a while now that is a highly functional remote control for your browser. This project is actually 3 parts, a browser extension, a Nativescript Android/iOS app, and a nodejs websocket server. The first two were written entirely in vue + vuex with typescript and scss.

Here’s the links:

iOS: (still in review :frowning: will update here when it’s live)
Chrome Extension:
Firefox Addon: (coming soon)
Github issues repo:

This was my first real phone app, and my first time using vue to build a browser extension, and it was definitely a great learning experience – mostly with how difficult publishing an app can be!

Unfortunately I’m not in a position to share the code, but questions and feedback are welcome! Thanks!