Best way to structure an enterprise Vue Application

Hi All

im new to vue and just looking at the best practices to structure an enterprise application and what tools/plugins/templates would assist this development. Below is a list of the requirements that i would like to achieve.

  1. Vue Application to control login
  2. Once login complete, a menu structure with a header navigation and side menu navigation
  3. Header navigation to control what apps get loaded into the main page these will be created as separate Vue Applications (for ease of seperating development)
  4. Side menu navigation to control options for each item loaded from the header
  5. State control between components
  6. Define External Controls to use on all components for all apps loaded


my approach is, a multiple page app, each page is a small Vue app, no client side routing, this make things easier.

Hi @vjh_uk1
you can use router and vuex, apart from this also need type-script, JSX, jest and Vuetify for UI Library.
For more information check out this link:

thanks for this information

if i were to use vuex can that be shared between two separate vue applications?

my scenario would be this

i have a screen which has a menu after a login which will be done on the first vue application. On clicking though a menu option, this will load a component from a separate vue application but this needs to get the state from the first app i.e user login info

In your scenario you can use vuex.