Best GUI framework for VueJS? I guess that would be Quasar

I tried Vuetify and Quasar.
Vuetify smoother then Quasar, but leak components.
Quasar has many components to use.

The world is splitted into two part. :slight_smile: From a guy with 10-years full-stack development experience in Beijing.

I think a framework from Chinese company are often lack of features because the company do not support them to product it. The framework is lack of the features they do not use themselves. Wish everyone become better in the future.

It’s a very interesting article. New knowledge I use it again, thank you very much.
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Recently Ionic framework announced Vue.js support:

Looks promising considering Ionic is a very stable and mature framework.

For me, I have use VueMaterial for develop my hybrid application.
All components works fine and it is very reactive.
The application is already available on the google play store and apple store without problem.

Indeed, @Quasar is impressive. I have an on-going project based on Quasar with material kit design. The support (via Discord) is active … almost 24/7. :muscle::muscle: