Best GUI framework for VueJS? I guess that would be Quasar


Maybe it’s just because of my background and/or lack of time to really delve deep into the complicated new world of everything being built on top of JavaScript, but it would be really nice for these projects to have some additional examples or starter packs for other programming languages (in my case, PHP).

For example, I’ve been examining the list of options available as well this afternoon and I was leaning towards Onsen UI since it looked like it had the option of displaying things in either iOS or Android styles which would be a plus, but I really just want to create a basic PHP web app, but utilize Onsen UI for the frontend look/feel.

So I’m reading up on the Getting Started page for the Onsen UI Kitchen Sink and I do have node installed on my PC, but needed to install yarn too, then I got that installed and ran the Kitchen Sink in dev mode, but there are so many JS packages/dependencies that I’m not sure what I need to include if I want to start fresh and start with a simple HTML page and start bringing in my PHP data into. (Basically what I want to do is create a login form, which I’ll go ahead and use PHP and the adLDAP library to authenticate users against and then from there I’ll want to have as a starting point a simple form which will submit a request that will talk with one of our backend databases to pull in some data…I can do it with PHP right now, but it won’t look very native, so I was hoping I could create the HTML interface with Onsen UI to help make it prettier). I don’t think any of the other frameworks would necessarily be easier in this regard…last year I had used Vue 1.0 and built a non-mobile interface and used the grid example to create a nice sortable table, but it’d be really nice to be able to create an interface that has a more native app look/feel.

Any suggestions are welcome for a PHP-centric developer with not too much time on his hands!


To reply to my own post…it looks like for Onsen UI it might be easier for me to get started with the jQuery option they are providing on their site:

Seems a bit more straightforward for me to get started without all of the fancy JavaScript modules and other things I’m not that interested in needing to use.


I’m using Vuetify and it’s pretty awesome. I wanted a material design look.


Framework 7

what about Framework 7, it seems better than Quasar. I have not tried both, but looking at the documentation:

There are a lot of components that I found in there that beat Quasar hands down.

I am not yet sure if an app built with Framework 7 (no desktop mention in docs) is as desktop friendly as Quasar, but I think it should.

What do you guys think.


Framework7 is for hybrid mobile apps. Quasar is for responsive websites, PWAs, hybrid mobile Apps and Electron apps.


Damn. had no idea this exited! seems so cool. Any courses or tutorials for this that come recommended?


兄弟 你乱入了啊 啊


Thank you… I’m currently evaluating several frameworks and your summary was informative!

Right now… Quasar is at the top of the list.


Quasar’s theme can be customized:, and there’s a huge list of variables you can override:

You also don’t have to use the Material Design theme, most of the components have an iOS theme which is more generic, for example:


Quasar is good but it has some problem with RTL view.


Glad to have found this thread. I’m a single developer without much time and want to build a Vue website that works great on both desktop & mobile. Element still seems desktop-oriented, while Framework 7 and Onsen are too mobile-centric. So, it seems Vuetify and Quasar are my best options, although it’s scary that they are both mostly maintained by single developers. Looking at both websites on an iPhone 6 in portrait, Quasar works REALLY well, although as others mentioned the design of the elements is a little “off”. Vuetify looks great on my desktop, but unfortunately looks really bad on my phone. I’m really surprised so many of the text components are formatted poorly (w/ justified text), or titles cannot be viewed completely, even on their FAQ page. At this point I’m really on the fence whether to go with one of these frameworks or more lightweight, using only components I need from something like Keen UI.


@denorm Vuetify has a team of developers maintaining the library now.


Very useful topic. I found a couple UI frameworks that I wasn’t aware of and it’s interesting to read about other peoples experiences. I am in the process of evaluating the different UI frameworks for a, primarily, desktop web application (though I want it to work well in a tablet as well, not too concerned about phones, but that would be nice if it works well there as well) and so this topic has been very useful to me.

I have become a bit partial to Quasar, They seem to have the most attractive UI elements (at least to me) and they’ve done a great job implementing many of the components compared to Element UI and Vuetify.

Currently, I’m using Element UI and haven’t had any real problems with it yet (I’ve only built a few basic pages so far). They seem to have a decent implementation (and their date picker is the best, at least for desktop use). The only reason I’m looking at other frameworks is because I started with a purchased template and want to rebuild it due to some issues and limitations it forces on me. I figured if I was going to start the UI again, might as well consider other options.


Hello there,

I’ve read this topic a couple of times and I’m still having difficulty choosing a UI Framework for my next project. Initially, I’m thinking that it’s going to be a PWA, but most of all I want to make sure that is super efficient.

I’ve recently saw a Quasar framework app, build for android, and some components flow, (like changing tabs), seemed a little bit slow. I’m being peaky I must confess. Overall the app seemed very good, but I want to make sure that a make a good choice, and that it’s supported for a long time.

I’m divided between Quasar and Vuetify as both seem to be the most popular nowadays.

Since this topic hasn’t received a proper update since Dez 2017, I would like to know what do you guys think, 3 months after.

Best regards,


Vuetify is material design only. Quasar is material design AND ios, so you use the same code for both platforms. That’s a huge plus for Quasar.
Quasar version 0.15+ was released recently. Some performance improvements and a lot more (UMD, new CLI etc.) :


wow, 54k views since I opened this thread in oct 2016

In the mean time I’ve also used with Vuetify which is also a breeze to work with.
I used Vuetify because I just wanted a uniform look and feel for ios and android based on material design.

So best framework for VueJS, I guess that would be Quasar AND Vuetify.
If you need both ios and android look and feel, use Quasar.
If you’re ok with Material Design (which IMHO makes ios look outdated), use Vuetify.


I think its pretty amazing.


Good Vuejs is awesome


We’ve been using Vue Bootstrap for our admin/backend projects and are generally happy with it.

None of the current libraries are a good choice when you actually need a custom design for a project. Is there any library out there that provides UI components with as less CSS as possible?


I’ve also found Quasar and am very impressed. The documentation is also very good. The only caveat is that the best experience is gotten through use of the Quasar-CLI. If you simply add Quasar to an existing Vue app, there are several “goodies” that you will be missing. (Hot reloading being one of them). All in all though, it’s very impressive.