Best GUI framework for VueJS? I guess that would be Quasar


Hi, next Quasar version (v0.14) has a design revamp and makes apps more “Material”. Stay tuned for when it’s released. And thanks for the feedback!


Some advices from a CTO with 6-years full-stack development experience in Shanghai(China)

PC Admin Dashboard:

  1. Laravel + laravel-admin: Without any other frontend frameworks, so there is no vue.js needed. We call it PHP-STACK
  2. AdonisJs + Element-UI: Node.js + vue.js, it’s a real FULL-STACK in single programming language. Bootstrap-like or material-like ui based on vue are very popular, but most of them are not ready for enterprise use. The most important components are data grid and form components, so Element-UI is the best choices for me (for now). By the way, the owner of Element-UI is the largest takeout-delivery company in Shanghai, China.

Mobile App Frontend:

I’m a fan of google, but I’m a fan of apple too. Material Design Style is great but not suit for ios in some components, such as bottom tab menu.

  1. Framework7-vue: You have to try
  2. Quasar? I have framework7-vue
  3. bootstra-vue, vue-material…? I hav framework7-vue

Hyper App Solution:

  1. APICloud: An App development and build platform, coding with sublime text,and upload to svn or git,upload your certifactions, BUILD IT ONLINE,then you got xxx.apk and xxx.ipa. Just submit it to google play and app store. Not like cordova ,You don’t need Android SDK or Xcode, you just need install an AppLoader on you mobile and connect to you computer, then run apicloud wifiSync in terminal, your app is updated. It’s a chinese company, as you know, most chinese products supports chinese only. So if you want to try it, you need a chinese guide, like me :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. cordova: I have APICloud
  3. weex: Another Chinese product. But it’s belongs to Apache now. It’s a copy of ReactNative. I love vue.js, but I don’t like cordove-like development, it’s hardly to get start.


Got into vue.js via framework7 before I found this forum :wink:
I like framework7 but then lo and behold I discovered quasar, with wrappers for cordova & 'electron`.
This clinched it for me - I can stop messing around with different dependencies, proprietary software, pricing headaches and focus on function and form - as should any dev-designer.

Had some starting-up issues unrelated to quasar but it seems that I’m on the swell paddling for the waves - SurfsUp!

Thanks @rstoenscu for a vibrant, full-bodied and very mature framework.


@NexusInk - Can you tell me a little more about what you did and didn’t like about Framework 7? I recently started a new project using Framework 7 but haven’t encountered anything bad yet. What types of headaches were you encountering? What difficulties surrounding dependencies, propietary software, and pricing did you find?


No,Supports desktop through electron


Keen ui you has components that look really great on mobile.


I have a question on Quasar to Production. For those of you who have a good amount of Quasar development experience; how are you testing on iOS? I see on their site there is a Google Play app for testing, nothing for iOS that I could find. Can you generate an APK file for Android testing, or use Android Studio directly and test the application there? With iOS, is there a similar thing like the APK file for Android devices? If not, how did you test on iOS devices?

Thank you in advance.


quasar seems awesome


For iOS or Android it is the same deal, you can launch your app on the connected device by typing “cordova run --device” on the cordova folder.
Those feature are not really related to quasar but to cordova, you can also build APK/IPA and install it on your iPhone/Android device without to much trouble.

PM me if you encounter difficulties.


It’s also worth taking a look at Onsen UI and it’s kitchensink app. I feel Onsen UI has better animation effect compared to Quasar, but less number of components. I saw their presentation at VueConf 2017.

Looks like they just released their official version.


卧槽 可以啊 卧槽 可以啊


My experience:

Quasar is a mess… tried to used, but there are best frameworks out there:

I’m in a huge project using Vuetify (it lacks server-side autocomplete select and some minor features, but it’s the best, in my opinion).

For mobile, despite its bugs, Framework 7 is wonderful. (but theming iOS/Material it’s not so easy). Vue support and documentation are pretty good. - I didn’t used it, but there is a lot of good components. It’s pretty the same of Vuetify, but more Bootstrap-like. It has remote autocomplete select. - I like this one because it isn’t Material. In my opinion, Material is too colorful, distractful, ugly… This set of components has a style on its own, which is good.


Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for that, I have looked at Cordova a bit. I’ll look into making the APK and IPA files. Will send you a PM if I get stuck with Cordova learning. Thank you


I have been keeping an eye on OnsenUI, looks promising, considering they cover React, Angular, and Vue frameworks.


Oh yeah? What bugs? I might be using this on my next project, so it would be good to know.


To add something to the mix…

Not so much a framework, but I’ve been using Semantic UI for the last few weeks. It’s really nice:

We’re still prototyping, and there aren’t any built-in components, but we’re building up a set as we go.


I faced two bugs:

  1. The source code was not compiled before sending it to npm, so the source was correct but an old bug was still happening (I had to get the source from git, compile myself and then adding that to my project)
  2. The background color of chips was not being set (it was setting the foreground)

Both bugs was for framework7-vue, not framework7 itself, but, you got the idea: there are bugs.

I’ve sent a pull request and they fixed (I guess):


@davestewart Would be very interested to hear how SemanticUI is working out for you… I think it’s a great framework from what I’ve tested, but wasn’t sure about the jQuery dependency and how that would work out in Vue…


To all Quasar users: Is Quasar’s CSS easily customizable?

I really like the approach of ElementUI when it comes to this:

I have a design background and for me it’s vital to be able to conviently customize the underlying CSS. I am not sure if Quasar provides some kind of simple theming, I couldn’t find anything in the docs.

As good as Quasar looks in terms of components and documentation, I’d rather not have a Material UI style framework as it makes a project look like a Google project at worst. Of course, one could always use the console to reverse engineer all the classes in use and overwrite them, but this can be quite tiring. So I was just wondering if there’s an easy way out (as if there’s ever)…


The jQuery dependency is fine in practice:

  • write html
  • wrap in component
  • initialize on mount
  • destroy on unmount

A bit of jiggling / hacking to make events work with (or sometimes without) component-level models, but it’s really not the end of the world as components generally only mirror external/vuex state anyway.

Saying that, I’ve yet to complete some of the components to my satisfaction due to time pressures at work, but I’m sure we will.

I guess in theory some of the functionality could be re-written directly in Vue, but that would be a future step.