Best GUI framework for VueJS? I guess that would be Quasar


There were some posts on the old forum about the Quasar framework. Since these are archived I’d like to “repost” and bring under attention again that Quasar is the best thing I’ve found so far. I’ve been working with it for 2 months now and I love it.
It should gain the traction it deserves.
I’m not affiliated with the project. Just a very happy user who hopes this project will become mainstream like vue-router, vue-loader etc.

Apollo query within navigational guard: Reference Vue instance

Totally agree.
Really “complete” range of components and still in development.

Project is already getting supporters on Patreon which is promising for long full-time support for the project, which is much better than other GUI libs made in the meantime.

Author has to do some work with documentation, especially CSS, but already knows it and promised to do that soon.


is it mobile only?


Browser as well.

Build responsive websites and hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) using same code


Its pretty amazing though what the Author has achieved on his own.

I’ve never heard of Patreon but I am supporting Quasar now. A good GUI framework will help VueJS become the killer platform for hybrid apps.


Absolutely, I’m following Quasar/Razvans work for a while now and am very impressed with his commitment. Need to get back into actual coding and contribute a bit too.

#7 just found


Looks very nice, but it’s not for mobile, is it?


it has a responsive grid @beebase

/e but yea i think its more for dekstop maybe this will be changed some time


Seems like that means “responsive websites that look like their mobile counterparts”, instead of something like Photon which actually includes desktop-centric styling.


Keep in mind that if you like/use Quasar, the developer is very strapped for time and/or money. Consider donating to the project:


I’m using MUSE-UI .
it’s amazing


I wait for v1.0 release. it’s currently under development.


What about Keen UI?


I like the Quasar frameowork idea too.

Is it any production site or app using?



I use Quasar for my Hybrid app :slight_smile: Razvan (the author of the framework) has been really responsive with issues, which have mostly been with Usage not so much about his framework it self. Great experience overall.


vuetifyjs vs quazar?

both have server side rendering
both mobile and desktop

as I can see vuetify has long time support from some sponsors and much popular then quazar on github (1300 vs 900 stars)

Vuetify website is vue single-page project. quazar is old-scool PHP-like site


There is almost too much choice. I’m trying to decide on a framework for my next project… this is the list I am looking at now:

Vue Material
Mint UI

There’s probably more.


Vuetify looks very perspective but it is not completed yet. you can see it in this page. component are not ready

Looks like quazar is the best choice at now


On a positive note: it probably means there’s something very good about VueJS.

What I did was:

  1. Must have GOOD documentation
  2. Must support iOS/Android GUI and web site.
  3. Set up a very simple demo app with the components that were essential to me.
    (listview, detailview, navigation, a modal, some toast-like messaging, a popup) is always a nice reference.
  4. start building the demo app in 2 or 3 frameworks.

It will cost you some time, but it will give you a “feel” for the framework (performance, syntax, documentation etc)

I would start with Quasar. (I am alpha testing my Quasar app in the AppStore and Playstore right now)
It’s a “fitness like” app with videos, charting, filters. It’s combined with a web site (also build with Quasar)
Overall, it was fun developing with Quasar.
The only “blockers” I came across were:

When I started development in Sep 2016, it was a bit of a gamble.
Quasar had like 10 watchers/ 20 git stars, one-man-band.
But the documentation and responsiveness of the developer was VERY good. Very little bugs.
He’s developing full time on Quasar. So there’s also determination.
Which translates in rapid grow on github (900+ git stars today.)

Vuetify also looks very interesting But no iOS (yet?). I didn’t find it when I was testing last summer, otherwise I would have tried.
I tried great framework. almost 12000 stars!. Very straight forward syntax. But it felt a bit too much leaning toward browser instead of mobile.
I tried framework7. Loads of components. ios and android. Large userbase. Felt a bit complex. Maybe I gave up to early.